Hi all, I am SM from India, maybe better known as Potla in AoPS. Primarily I hosted this blog on AoPS only, but I decided over time to shift the 3-years old blog to WordPress, because of several reasons.

On the other hand, I am currently a high-schooler and have heaps of work to take care of each day, so I think you can expect me updating this blog only once in a blue moon. I’m quite occupied nowadays, but still, in order to finish off my backlogs I utilized the free time I had got on a fine evening to shift the blog. Yeah, that’s my daily routine, else how can one have less than 20 blog posts in 3 years?

To all the viewers from AoPS: Please keep on commenting and giving me suggestions and feedback on each of the posts. Unfortunately I could not import stuff posted in my previous blog, and thus had to re-post everything from scratch.

Uh, I feel someone staring at me for being so boring. Well, that can’t be helped. This blog was meant to bore you from the very beginning. 🙂

Hope you enjoy your reading thoroughly. 🙂


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