Properties of the Neuberg Locus and Brocard Problem

Our article is finally complete. Although RSM did the major stuff, we were able to crash it all in two days and one night.

The pdf file has been uploaded to Mediafire here. (2.05 MB)

Note that the file will be updated as soon as we get some new stuff to add there. In other words, we welcome people to proofread the file for possible typos and other errors.

Well, nothing else to say. Explore the properties of Neuberg Cubic with your own eyes, and comments, suggestions, feedback etc are obviously welcome. \o/


6 thoughts on “Properties of the Neuberg Locus and Brocard Problem

  1. I understood almost everything in this post! Oh and please use the wordpress “more” tag on your posts so I can add this site to my RSS reader. This post is fine but your usual mathy posts are full of too much tl;dr goodness for my RSS to handle. Actually checking sites manually is :effort:

  2. The banner for this site is just beyond amazing. Brings back memories of fun times and with regards to the properties of Nuremburgh Locust and Brofist–that will indeed change humanity.

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